Glasgow MP allegedly groped by fellow MP during a Glasgow uni reunion

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Jordan Hunter

Local MP Paul Sweeney has accused Aberdeen South MP Ross Thomson of inappropriately touching him at a Westminster bar.

Mr Sweeney had apparently been showing around some fellow Glasgow uni alumni when they decided to go into the bar. He claims Mr. Thomson was visibly drunk and “barely able to stand up” when he subsequently verbally and physically harassed Mr. Sweeney. 

The event allegedly took place October of last year, but Mr. Thomson had been taken out of the bar on several occasions for similar conduct. One such occasion in February led Sweeney to file a complaint with the Parliamentary Standards Commision. Sweeney believed that progress was slow and went public with it last Sunday in order to prevent him from being selected. 

The investigation and report are currently confidential as is the policy of anonymity.  

The Aberdeen South MP had decided to launch an inquiry into himself with the Scottish Conservatives. He continues to deny any wrongdoing but believed the inquiry would be the only way to verify his claim of innocence. 

Mr Thomson has since decided to step down.

Mr Sweeney furthered accused him of “political point scoring” and disrespecting the confidential nature of the process.  

The Scottish Conservative Party says they await their inquiry’s findings as well as the findings of the commission.

Both MPs have been in their roles since 2017.


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