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Jordan Hunter


Glasgow University Sports Association are selling nude calendars to help support cancer charities

GUSA is producing two naked calendars this year to raise money for cancer charities. 

The first calendar is being created by multiple teams, including men's rugby, swimming, water polo, women's volleyball, pole dancing and more. The other is being done by the Glasgow University Boat Club.

The multi-team project is being produced by Glasgow Marrow, a University society that works closely with Anthony Nolan, which is also the charity receiving the funds. Anthony Nolan is a group that tries to find bone marrow donors and conducts research on how to better marrow transplant surgeries in order to help save the lives of those affected by blood and bone cancer.  

Bone marrow donors are in short supply. Emily Roberts, Vice-President for fundraising at Glasgow Marrow, said: “It costs £40 to recruit one person to the stem cell register so fundraising is such an important part of what we do.” 

Currently, young men make up just 18% of the registry despite being the most able to be selected for a match. Donors of BAME communities are also in short supply as there is only a 20% chance of finding a matching donor. 

The rowing team is raising money for Beatson Cancer Charity, which conducts cancer research and helps support patients and their families. 

Jamie Wilson, the club’s Fundraising Secretary, said: “The GUBC calendar raises funds for Beatson Cancer Charity, which does amazing work supporting cancer patients and affected families.”  The club also uses some of the funds to maintain their boats and facilities.  

Glasgow Marrow is selling their calendar for £8, plus a £2 shipping fee. It is available from the Glasgow Marrow website. The “Titans of the Clyde” are selling theirs for £10. They will be available on campus on the 21 November and are also available through a link on their Facebook.

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