GU students organise charity fundraiser at Walkabout

Credit: David Campbell

Andrew Quinn
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Glasgow University students have organised a Star Wars Trivia night at Walkabout, Renfield Street on 5 December to raise money for charity.

The Star Wars Trivia Gauntlet created by fourth-year Film and TV students David Campbell and Sophie Aziz pits 40 contestants against each other. It is £10 to enter and the winning prize is £100. There will be a Stocking Filler Christmas Raffle and football cards to help raise funds for both charities. 

Profits will go to Brothers in Arms, a men’s mental health charity, and Diabetes UK, an organisation that helps research and raises the standard of care surrounding diabetes.

The fundraiser is being organised through Campbell’s podcast, First Time Films. This is the second event that he has run this year, following a successful FIFA tournament in Erskine in July. 

The students also have personal ties to both charities, both through their personal experiences and close friendships.

Campbell said: “Due to my own experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts, I knew firsthand the lack of resources available out there to help men who are going through dark times, and for me it was very important to do what I can to get others through.

“Recently one of the members of our sister podcast Full Time Football was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Just seeing the ways his life has been affected by it, we would love to be able to help make a contribution to research that’ll make the condition less of a time-consuming burden for those who suffer from it.”

Campbell said a key aim of the fundraiser is uniting people through something they love.

“Just as the last event united football fans to come out and support and discuss men’s mental health issues, we hope to get Star Wars fans out to support this event. In the lead up to the release of The Rise of Skywalker, we hope that local Star Wars fans will take this opportunity to come out, celebrate the films they love, and support two wonderful causes,” Campbell said.

The Star Wars Trivia Gauntlet takes place at Walkabout, Renfield St on 5 December at 6pm. It is £10 entry and all proceeds go to Brothers In Arms and Diabetes UK. To compete, text David Campbell on 073951810184.


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