Glasgow Charity launches ‘Festive Period’ to fight period poverty

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Joanne Krus
Deputy News Editor

Bloody Good Period, a charity founded to eradicate period poverty, has launched its Christmas fundraising campaign for a second year. They aim to raise £20,000 to supply Refuweegee, a Glasgow-based refugee charity, with period products to donate to refugees in need.

The charity’s CEO, Gabby Edlin, said “unlike Christmas, periods don’t come ‘but once a year’. But it’s very easy to forget – especially when life becomes busy – that there are people in Glasgow for whom period products are quite simply unaffordable.

“Bloody Good Period gets supplies out to people who need them, month in, month out, via hard-working drop-in centres and community projects like Refuweegee, who wouldn’t otherwise have the budget to supply them.”

The charity estimates that people pay an average of £4,800 in period products over their lifetime. They argue that this is far too expensive for asylum seekers who receive only £37.75 a week and are not allowed to have a job. 

Edlin added “Periods don’t stop because you’re a refugee, or because you can’t afford to buy a pad, and many people seeking asylum have incredibly heavy periods due to the stress and trauma of being displaced. They resort to using toilet paper, scraps of fabric, or nothing at all.”

Last year the charity raised £17,000, which they say paid for supplies for almost 2,000 periods. 

People have the option to donate £8.45 for a “light period” parcel, £11.78 for a “medium period” and £17.01 for “heavy period”. People are also welcome to donate however much they can. 

The campaign began on 1 December and will continue until Christmas Eve. You can donate at:


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