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When the opportunity arose to sink some pints with my pals whilst I fulfilled my faraway dream of being the next Van Gogh (despite having all the artistic skill of a frog) I grabbed a couple of close friends and clicked “Going” on the Facebook event straight away. Wibbly Wobbly Art was held at The Record Factory on 7 November, an event hosted by student Charlotte Connell, where students were invited to come along and paint away their worries over a few drinks with friends. Entry to the event only cost £5, with all of the proceeds going to Rape Crisis Scotland. After my tragic attempt at drawing a leopard, I had the chance to catch up with Charlotte and ask her a few questions.

Glasgow Guardian: What inspired you to create the event? 

Charlotte Connell: One morning I listened to an amazing podcast called Rewilding in which Ella Grace Denton was talking about how hard it is to talk about and act upon what you are passionate about because it’s such a strong word and how it’s a lot healthier to think about what you are interested in, and that this can develop into a passion. When I thought about this, I realised that the anger I feel when I think about the society we live in and the complete lack of sexual safety in that society is my “passion” or “interest”. So, I decided to do some fundraising for Rape Crisis Scotland to support the amazing work they do. The idea of doing some art in a pub came from one of my friends at St Andrews, who over the summer told me about a society she’s in where everyone goes to the pub and does some drawing and I thought it was an excellent idea and that I’d love for it to exist in Glasgow!

GG: Art is said to be very therapeutic. What do you think it can do for stressed students?

CC: It’s so easy to get caught up in uni work and deadlines and exams, and before you know it your daily routine can seem really hectic. Art has always been really important for me as a way to step back and do something purely for myself. I really think that everyone, including students, should make time to do some art at least once a week. I really notice the difference in how I feel when I’ve done something creative purely for myself, and it can boost not only my wellbeing, but also my motivation in studying. 

GG: Do you think more should be done to encourage students to create art? 

CC: 100%! It can do so much good and is so enjoyable for loads of people! I think just giving students a space and some materials would make it so much more accessible. Sharing mediums doesn’t only save resources (making it both ecologically and economically great), but it is also a great way to meet new people who have similar interests or to spend time with your friends.

GG: Can you see yourself doing this event again in the future?

CC: I’d really like to be able to do this again and I’m already looking into a bigger venue because this one was a bit of a squeeze near the end - which was great, but I’m hoping to get an even bigger crowd next time!

With a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, this was the perfect place to unwind amidst the stresses of deadline season at university, all whilst helping a great cause. Make sure to keep your eyes out for Charlotte’s next evening, because if it was anything like this one, it is sure to be great.

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