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Hannah Patterson
Views Editor

Views Editor Hannah Patterson takes us through her top 10 best television moments of 2019.

As 2019 draws to a close, it seems like the perfect time to look back at the year just gone, and consider some of the best moments that it’s brought us. 2019 has been another stellar year in TV, and I’m going to give a rundown of some of my favourite moments that we were brought, both on streaming sites and terrestrial TV – a written version of Gogglebox if you will. These are in no particular order, because with this much amazing content, how can we pick the best? Fair warning, there are some spoilers ahead, so read on at your own risk!


Love Island – Jordan dumping Anna:


As ever, Love Island was filled with hilarious, cringeworthy, and overall explosive moments – picking just one was incredibly difficult. However, the top moment for me was when Jordan moved on from his girlfriend of around 0.5 seconds, Anna. After popping the question to Anna, Jordan’s “head was turned” by a new islander, and they proceeded to have one of the most explosive arguments ever to grace TV. I have rewatched this moment several times since, and believe me, it gets better every time. 


Jane the Virgin – Jane’s monologue:


Gina Rodriguez’s seven-minute monologue in the first episode of season five of Jane the Virgin is a masterpiece, and I’ll hear no other opinion on it. Whatever your opinion of the actress or the show, her control of her emotions in this scene, showing a woman trying to process her own grief over two relationships at once is powerful enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eye.


Grey’s Anatomy – Protecting victims:


This is one of my favourite TV moments of all time, rather than of the year. A patient who was the victim of sexual assault is being transported to surgery and is terrified about being wheeled through the hospital and feeling exposed. In response to this, the women of the hospital line the corridors, so that the only faces this woman sees on her way to surgery are strong, safe, comforting female figures. I strongly encourage you to go and watch this scene (Season 15, episode 19), and as you watch, remember that the women lining the halls are composed of the writers, producers and extras of the TV show – strong women, supporting women.  


BBC News – Boris removing the whip:


Boris Johnson has brought us a lot of memorable moments in his tenure in politics, but one of the most shocking moments was when he vowed to remove the whip from the Tory MPs who voted against his deal. This was an unprecedented move in politics, and had all of us glued to the BBC politics channel, regardless of our political affiliations.


Game of Thrones – Arya kills the night king:


The final season of GoT was one of the most controversial finales ever, but regardless of your opinion of it, there’s no denying the moment when Arya swooped in from the sky and stabbed the Night King was a truly amazing moment of TV. The beautiful music from Ramin Djawadi, the amazing cinematography, and the wonderful acting gave a build up that led to one of the most iconic moments of the entire series. 


Killing Eve – Villanelle shows off her accents:


Killing Eve is another TV show filled with excellent moments to pick from, but my personal favourite was when Villanelle displayed her mastery of acting and accents to Eve. Jodie Comer’s talent was never in question, but watching the Liverpudlian switch seamlessly between accents (while maintaining the almost painful sexual tension between herself and Sandra Oh) is definitely one of the more memorable moments of the season. 


Dancing on Ice – Gemma Collins falls:


I think we can all remember this moment clearly. Gemma Collins was never going to be the next Jane Torvill, but the moment where Gemma face planted the ice to the tune of “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” was more memorable than the bolero in my books. Like a trooper, Gemma got back up and kept skating (or being guided around the ice by her partner), and solidified her place as a national treasure even further.


BBC Newsnight – Prince Andrew’s interview:


Pizza Express Woking will never be the same. That’s all I have to say on the matter. If only Andrew had been as brief.


BBC News – Theresa May’s stepping down:


Poor Theresa. It was a moment we all long suspected was coming, but the moment that May’s voice broke on the steps of No. 10 was a hard one to watch, even for those of us who weren’t her biggest fans. Also I would like to give her a separate award for understatement of the decade when she said “I have not been able to do so” with regards to getting a backing for her deal. Fair play.


Fleabag – The hot priest notices the fourth wall break: 


One of the aspects that makes Fleabag the sensation show it is are the fourth wall breaks, when Fleabag speaks directly to the audience. This is enough to make the show original, but the moment when the Hot Priest notices her speaking to the camera and asks her “Where did you go?” is amazing, and somehow doesn’t manage to take away from the emotional punch the show packs. A close second is when the priest tells her to “kneel”. Lord have mercy on us all. 

So there you have it – my two cents on the best that TV in 2019 has to offer. My only sorrow is that I’m writing this before the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special airs, as it would obviously get a mention, but it’s always good to have something to look forward to.


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