Extinction Rebellion block off Shell petrol station in Glasgow

Credit: Extinction Rebellion Scotland

Ollie Rudden
Deputy News Editor

The group blocked off the station to protest its role in the climate crisis.

Members of Extinction Rebellion blocked off a Glasgow petrol station on Saturday 12 January to highlight the ongoing climate crisis.

The protesters of the environmentalist group blocked access to the Shell petrol station at Eglinton Toll for three periods of seven minutes. They held banners that said “fuelling out extinction” and blocked drivers from getting petrol while doing so.

The protest took place shortly before 1pm. While protesting, members of the group took time to talk to drivers about Shell’s role in investing in greenhouse-gas emitting oil and gas.

The protest was part of a campaign by Extinction Rebellion titled: “Rig Rebellion 2.0” against the fossil fuel industry, which began on 6 January.

Jack Healy, an Extinction Rebellion volunteer at the protest, stated: “We’re taking this action today because Shell and the rest of the fossil fuel industry are at the root of the climate crisis.

“They’ve been wilfully concealing the truth about the climate crisis for 30 years.

“I can’t understand how, even now, while Australia is burning, they keep on extracting more and more climate-destroying oil and gas.

“They’re one of the biggest energy companies in the world and their greed is reducing our chance of keeping the Earth habitable.”

Extinction Rebellion have carried out protests in other parts of Scotland, such as boarding a gas rig in Dundee on 7 January.

Recently, two members of Extinction Rebellion interrupted First Minister’s Questions in the Scottish parliament to ask questions about government involvement in North Sea oil and gas plans.

A spokesperson for Shell stated: “We agree that action is needed now on climate change, we fully support the Paris Agreement and the need for society to transition to a lower-carbon future and we’re committed to playing our part.

“As the energy system evolves, so will our business, to provide the mix of products that our customers need and extend the economic and social benefits of energy access to everyone.”


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