Adam Smith Building lift closed until May 2020


Credit: University of Glasgow

Erin Steinmetz

The University of Glasgow is taking steps to assist disabled students as the lift is being repaired.

The lift in the Adam Smith Building will be closed to all students and staff from 6 January until the end of May 2020, as a new lift is being installed.

As the spring semester commences, construction will be done to install a new lift in the Adam Smith Building. The ramp access to the Adam Smith Building on the Bute Gardens/Library side will also be closed to students and staff to facilitate easy access for site contractor staff.

Classes are still being held during the semester, leaving many students with disabilities unsure of how they will be accommodated. However, the University said it has taken steps to ensure students with disabilities will not face problems.

University of Glasgow Disability Equality Officer, Rachel Symon, said: “Nobody should feel they have to suffer in silence – the Central Timetabling Team have, in conjunction with Estates, spent a lot of time planning how to accommodate disabled students and staff, and will be keeping an eye out to make sure any more potential issues can be solved as quickly as possible.”

If the closures affect students, the University has resources to provide help.

Students are asked to register any disabilities or hardships, where applicable, with the Disability Services as soon as possible so arrangements for appropriate support can be made. When classroom access is impeded, like in the case of the lift, students should speak to their course convener who will then get in touch with the Central Timetabling Team to arrange a classroom change. 

Noise-based disruption at the Adam Smith Building is scheduled to end by 19 January 2020. For weekday work, special consideration has been taken to ensure noise from the lift is limited as to not disrupt classes.


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