Comedian performing at Oran Mor to raise money for trans rights

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Joanne Krus
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Sofie Hagen said that fans had reached out to inform her about the LGB Alliance meeting.

Content Warning: Transphobia mention

Comedian and author Sofie Hagen is using her show at Òran Mór on 21 March to raise money for trans rights after fans encouraged her to boycott the venue.

On 18 January, the LBG Alliance, an organisation called ‘transphobic’ by various LGBTQ+ charities, held a meet-up at Òran Mór. The group has been criticised for their opposition to the Scottish government’s Gender Recognition Act, which would make it easier for trans people to have their identity legally recognized.

Òran Mór issued an apology and said it is still a “safe and inclusive venue” and was “deeply saddened” that the event had “caused upset and hurt to some of our customers.”

However, Hagen said that wasn’t a proper apology. In a statement on Twitter, Hagen said that she was unable to find another venue to perform at she wants to compromise with fans. Hagen said that Òran Mór has agreed to make all their bathrooms gender neutral for the evening. 

Hagen added that she will be using her show to raise money for a “trans right group” and asked for recommendations. Any profit made from the show will also be added to the donations.  

Òran Mór has been supportive of both decisions and Hagen commented that managers have “expressed a desire to be inclusive and welcoming.”

Hagen said she understood that some of her fans may still not want to attend the show regardless and said that she supported their decision.

She added: “I want to thank you all so much for making me aware of this event. If you do come to the show, I’m very excited to see you all. And if there is anything else I can do for the trans community in Glasgow when I am there, let me know.”

Her statement received some backlash on Twitter from people who support the LGB Alliance and her account is now on private. 


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