Interview and manifesto analysis: Blair Anderson – SRC VP Student Support

Silas Pease

Currently an undergraduate law student at the university, Blair Anderson is one of four candidates vying for the position of Vice President of Student Support for the SRC. As an estranged student himself, he knows firsthand what it is like to use the SRC’s services, and understands that the council has room for improvement. In his time both on and off campus, he has campaigned for the Scottish Government to improve the support systems in place for estranged students, and has also worked with GUEST (the Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team) to run a climate strategy consultation process. With this experience, he believes he is qualified to effectively run for this position. 

In his manifesto, Blair cites amplifying student voices through surgeries and protests as a key goal, as well as improving the current support systems for estranged students, students with disabilities and international students who are impacted by the current UCU strikes. He also wants to standardise recordings for students who are unable to attend lectures in person, and also would want to cooperate with other student groups at the university to target misconduct and abuse. His manifesto also discussed wishing to improve the lighting in certain pathways around campus to help students at the university feel safer. When questioned about this in the interview, he stressed that the SRC would face certain limitations in implementing policies like this on its own, and would have to work with other organisations and state-run groups like the Glasgow City Council to make this a reality. 

Read Blair’s manifesto here.


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