Interview and manifesto analysis: Juliet Smith – QMU President

Jordan Hunter
Deputy News Editor

Juliet Smith’s manifesto at the surface seems straightforward. She highlights her experience in the QMU and in their board. In our interview she takes this further noting that she’s the only one with executive experience and management across the Union. She addresses many aspects of the union which she seeks to improve such as volunteering, board training, and cross campus initiatives. While many of these goals seem achievable and positive, it is perhaps what’s not in the manifesto that is concerning. Beyond providing finance training, she doesn’t mention ways to solve the QMU financial crisis.

In our interview, we see why she was vague in her manifesto about finances. She is much more practical. She doesn’t want to do anything unless she thinks it will be viable. She does this by mentioning how catering and being a venue provides more money to the Union, rather than the bars and club nights. She reiterated this, declaring that she would not seek to have a club night if it was not going to be feasible. She wants to facilitate union projects and make members feel connected to these projects, but only if she knows they will be executed, as she notes failed projects discouraging people from caring leading to lack of engagement.

When talking about the constitutional amendments she once again addresses it very practically. Many life members were concerned about losing their vote, she believes they should retain their vote if they are actually using it constructively and being part of the Union. She swung out against the life members who threatened to vote down the amendments at the first EGM, only to not show up to the second one, despite promising to. Worryingly, though, she did not promise to share financial information with members before elections or AGMs. The QMU is currently required by law and their constitution to post their finances before the AGM, but she said she worries about the legality of sharing the information. She also suggests she won’t share the information with members if it’s “unpalatable”. 

Read Juliet’s manifesto here.


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