Interview and manifesto analysis: Laoise McWilliams – QMU VP Memberships, Clubs, and Societies

Ollie Rudden
Deputy News Editor

Laoise McWilliams is a second year English Literature student who is running to be Vice President for Members, Clubs and Societies at the QMU. She was a Freshers’ helper last year and describes herself as an “avid member” of the social and events committees. Despite claiming to have a short time on the QMU Board, she believes her helpfulness and kind nature will win the trust of QMU members to give her their vote.

One of Laoise’s key pledges is to build a better relationship between current QMU members and life members of the QMU, such as creating questionnaires and/or a platform to have life members have their voice heard insisting they are a valuable asset to the union. Another commitment of hers is to hold regular office hours for clubs, societies and members to come and visit to make any enquiries. When asked about this Laoise could not state how long her office hours would be or when they would be but insisted that as an Arts student she will have enough free time to commit to office hours.

Laoise believes more needs to be done in getting clubs and societies to use the QMU more often, also citing holding more daytime events in the union. She agreed that turnout at QMU events post Freshers’ week is low and there was more room to be creative, citing their St Patrick’s Day event as an example of making new events at the union to generate more interest. She claims that she is trustworthy and that the QMU is a great place to be. Despite only having one academic year’s worth of experience, she is banking on her image as a friendly face will be enough to earn the truth of QMU members to vote her to the role and promote the union as a friendly and supportive environment for all students.

Read Laoise’s manifesto here.


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