Interview and manifesto analysis: Owain Campton – GUU President

Holly Ellis

Owain Campton in his second campaign for GUU President has offered students a pragmatic manifesto, he avoids “promising the world” and instead fronts a manifesto that examines the wider structural issues within the GUU and, how he intends to solve these. Owain has extensive experience across several executive and convening positions including: Cross-campus Executive, Arts Curator, Libraries convenor, Groundings Managing Editor, GUU Trustee and, Honorary secretary to name a few.

In his manifesto he proposes the establishment of a Sabbatical President by 2022, stating that this would help level out the heavy workload that current presidents are undertaking voluntarily. In the interview he highlighted the communication streams he currently had open with university management, asserting that the university has the funds available to create another sabbatical role and that he – as a result of his experience – can execute this aim efficiently and quickly. His manifesto pledges focuses heavily on the future of the GUU and he makes it clear that it is of paramount importance, that the union evaluates and restructures the board structure in order to improve membership experience. 

He constantly circled back to his experience and made it clear that he is one of the few people to have served in every position. Though he made no promises regarding the cost of pints of fun and the future of Tennents in the union, he stated that this is something he intended to review in the future when making deals with supply companies. In this interview, Owain spoke with confidence and demonstrated his extensive ‘corporate knowledge’ regarding the guu. He offers an extensive and sustainable plan for the future of the GUU that is practical, rational and intends to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students. 

Read Owain’s on his campaign Facebook page.


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