Interview and manifesto analysis: Pheobe Reilly – GUSA President

Tara Gandhi

Current GUSA Welfare Convenor, Phoebe Reilly has been involved in GUSA for a number of years now. In her time as Welfare Convenor, she met with Equality and Diversity teams at the university to discuss improvements to the GUSA consitution, and took part in voluntary sexual violence training, two things she hopes to bring to the union as GUSA President. Her manifesto is focused on support, development, and continuity, stressing she wants to create a culture of sport to be proud of. Her manifesto is not an easy read for a layman, but in her interview she stressed that she was aware most people did not read manifestos, other than those intimately involved in the union and its societies, so she was trying to speak to people in person to get her message across rather than solely in her manifesto. 

Like her competition, she appeared to know the intricacies of the financial situation at GUSA well, but said she felt this was something that needed to be better expressed to the wider student body – transparency about the relationship between UofG Sport and GUSA would help to alleviate some of the frustrations felt by the student body about prices. Reilly also discussed the need to reach out to groups who may feel like GUSA isn’t for them, and find out what changes can be implemented as a starting point, rather than retroactively thinking what could have been done better.

Reilly has both the experience and the ideas to take on the role of GUSA President, and her background as Welfare Convenor sets her up well to overcome many of the problems that have plagued the union in recent years.

Read Pheobe’s manifesto here.


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