Interview and manifesto analysis: Shereif Kholeif – GUSA President

Tara Gandhi

After taking a year out from being a GUSA council member, Shereif Kholeif is throwing his hat in the ring a second time for the role of GUSA president. However, he is not worried at all about this time away from the union impacting his ability to take on the position, confident in his previous experience and having already met with the incumbent President for updates on what projects have been continued or started this year. His manifesto focuses on welfare, visibility, accessibility and excelling in sport, and has points aimed at both bringing new members to GUSA as well as making changes that will benefit those already involved in the union. 

When asked about the pricing and payment of GUSA, Kholeif was aware both of the financial restraints on the union that impact decisions, and the damage that this does to students’ ability to get involved with the union. He is aware of changes that need to be made, and is not afraid to get the ball rolling on tasks that may take more than his time in the role to complete.

His familiarity with the workings of the union is one that sets him in good stead to move into the position of President, even if his campaign is not playing out on social media to the same extent it did last year. 

Read Sereif Kholeif’s manifesto here.


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