Interview and manifesto analysis: Amy McKenzie Smith – SRC VP Student Activities

Andrew Quinn
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Amy McKenzie Smith is running as one of two candidates for SRC Vice President for Student Activities. Although she is not currently involved in the SRC, McKenzie Smith has experience of running large events as she is on the Board of Management at the Glasgow University Union (GUU).

In her manifesto, she pledges to run an inclusive Freshers’ Week, with daytime and early-evening events. She hopes to promote more RAG (Raising and Giving) events on campus, and get all of the unions working together. A key part of her campaign regards home students. Having been a home student herself for two years, she argues that establishing a home student common room and having a home student officer on the SRC would help these students to be better represented and feel more integrated.

When asked about RAG week, she emphasised the importance of collaborating with all unions and generating more interest. She discussed the issue that many societies have with lack of space, and suggested that there could be potential rooms available in the John McCune Smith Learning Hub, which is scheduled to open later this year. She argued that her plans for a home student common room and SRC representative are feasible, and would help students enjoy university as much as she has. McKenzie Smith contends that she is perfect for the role as she has had both positive and negative experiences at university, so understands what other students are going through.

Read Amy’s manifesto here.


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