Interview and manifesto analysis: Blake Gray – GUU Honorary Secretary

Blair Cunningham
Deputy Culture Editor – Theatre

Blake has established five manifesto action points for his candidacy as Honourary Secretary of the GUU. He is running against Ruaridh Fleck for the position. The role focuses on much of the day-to-day running of the Union, being second only to the president on the executive board. Blake’s manifesto focuses on improving and formalising the student and society use of all the building’s facilities; he also pushes for improvement of the union’s biggest events including Freshers’ Week and Daft Friday as well as combating the union’s environmental impact.

When asked about student safety and the Union’s environmental impacts, Blake emphasised not making lofty and impossible promises. Instead he wants to make incremental, tangible changes such as promoting the Ask Angela scheme and anti-spiking cups as well as working on renovating the union compartmentally to make it more energy efficient. As well as pragmatic solutions he wants to see more cooperation between the board and other university executives and broader movements to attack the complex problems of environmental damage and sexual abuse at universities nationally.

You can find his full manifesto on his campaign Facebook page.


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