Interview and manifesto analysis: Elinor Tipper – SRC VP Student Activities

Holly Jennings
Views Editor

Editor’s Note – The first time she interviewed with us, our camera did not record the conversation. We immediately restarted, but it should be known Elinor had previously heard these questions before we recorded this version!

Currently a fourth-year Psychology student, Elinor Tipper is running as one of the two candidates for the SRC VP of Student Activities. Whilst Elinor has not been involved with the SRC in the past, she believes she can use this alternative viewpoint to her advantage. She aims to use her experience as President of the Glasgow University Dance Committee as well as Founder and President of the Glasgow University Students for Choice to help her understand and work with student societies on campus. Despite her lack of experience, Elinor is keen to create a feedback culture by contacting all clubs and societies over summer to find out how she can best support them. 

One of Elinor’s ideas is to create a pack for clubs and societies including “how to run your own event”, “how to set up a bank account”, and “how to create a successful fundraiser”. She is also keen to promote welfare by introducing a welfare member for every student society. She aims to provide training for each role by expanding a building on the currently limited Office Bearer training. Her plans for Freshers’ Week include continuing and promoting the Quiet Hours at the Freshers’ Fair as well as creating a pre-freshers’ cross-campus collaboration mixer between the four student bodies. 

Elinor came across as a level-headed candidate with practical solutions on how to combat issues. She recognises her weaknesses and chooses to transform them into her strengths, offering a new perspective which could act as a breath of fresh air for the SRC.

Read Elinor’s manifesto here.


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