Interview and manifesto analysis: Kelly MacArthur – QMU President

Jordan Hunter
Deputy News Editor

Kelly MacArthur’s manifesto focuses on trying to make the appeal that QMU is historically known for, working to build inclusivity and welfare. She does this in several instances such as by promoting LGBTQ+ events, promoting mental health campaigns like Elephant in the Room, and combating gender-based violence. Her manifesto sets forth achievable goals and looks to encapsulate the people who have traditionally made their home in the QMU. There however is no mention about how to improve the financial situation, nor mentions of life membership and the constitution, leaving many to speculate how she would address this. 

In our interview, we asked her about these issues and many more. When pressed on QMU finances, she said that she wants to continue the success of this year and build on the successful events. How stable they are remains to be seen, as they have yet to publish fiances and engagement is still down. She did promise to publish the finances if possible. When asked about the question of life memberships, she said they should retain that right, but she wants to know why they are not exercising it. She also wants to do further research and reevaluate the constitutional amendments. When asked about whether or not to bring back a regular club night, she said that she just wants to focus on improving “Freaking out the Neighborhood ”. She also seeks to promote the music scene and gigs that the QMU is famous for. This is part of her plan as she said to stop competing with the GUU and use their space more effectively for activism. She also pushes for more sustainability by looking to promote and expand vegan options and promote recycling within the Union. Overall, she says her biggest goal is to promote welfare, as she sees the largest issue facing the Union is its reputation. She believes this is the result of cliquey-ness in the Union meaning less people are passionate about running the Union. By welcoming everyone she thinks this will increase engagement. This might be a step in the right direction in the QMU, but her lack of concern of the financial status is worrying.


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