Interview and manifesto analysis: Liam Brady – SRC President

Tara Gandhi

Liam Brady running uncontested to be the SRC President, following his year as SRC VP for Education. His manifesto focuses on welfare, academic support and improving the student experience. His time working as VP Education is clear in his manifesto as he clearly pinpoints what students are wanting from teaching at U of G.

In his interview he stressed the importance of open communication about students’ needs with the new rector, an attitude which will hopefully lead to a better relationship between the rector and the SRC than there has been in recent years. He also showed a desire to make campus and the surrounding areas safer, expanding on manifesto points to put forward ideas about collaborating with the City Council and Police Scotland to improve student safety. He had a clear understanding of the mental health crisis happening in universities and although he did not go into depth about plans to change the way mental health services are run at Glasgow he knew that Mental Health Awareness campaigns were not enough, and while they held a place and had value, much more needed to be done.

You can read Liam’s manifesto here.


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