Interview and manifesto analysis: Rachel Symon – SRC VP Student Support

Hailie Pentleton
Online Team Member

Rachel Symon, an undergraduate Spanish and Classics student, is one of the four candidates hoping to become the Vice President of Student Support within the SRC. As a disabled student Rachel recognises and has experienced some of the issues she seeks to rectify if elected. This year, Rachel has served on the SRC as the Disability Equality Officer and has been involved in projects such as the expansion of the room finder app to include accessible toilets.

Rachel wants to encourage engagement and support for students in “non-traditional” groups such as parents and home students by setting up focus groups to gather feedback on their needs and implement the changes they require for a better student experience. She also recognises a need to lobby the University regarding better support and communication around sexual assault concerns on campus. 

As the only candidate with past experience on the SRC, Rachel believes this is what sets her apart. She came across as qualified and passionate, with a focus on putting the needs of students above all.


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