Katerina Schwartz – QMU VP Memberships, Clubs, and Societies

Tara Gandhi

Katerina P. Schwartz is running for the contested position of QMU VP MCS, and has chosen not to interview with The Glasgow Guardian as part of her campaign. We have reached out to see if there is anything we can do to accommodate her but she is happy in her decision. She published the following statement explaining her choice on her campaign page;

“Hello, so I just wanted to say a couple of things. Firstly, I think the Glasgow Guardian is a great paper, they have interesting and varied articles that draw attention to important issues and are written by a group of really talented writers. I have really enjoyed reading their articles over the past few years.

“I declined to be interviewed by the Glasgow Guardian this year mainly because my experience last year. I was really anxious about the interview leading up to it and especially after as I was replaying and overthinking everything that I had said. It really caused a lot of stress and anxiety for me, and I would like to avoid those feelings because they tend to exacerbate other issues.

“I do realise that this could hurt my campaign and visibility on campus, but I think in the end my own wellbeing is more important. This was a hard decision to make but I do think it’s for the best.

“I would like to once again reiterate that I will be campaigning on library hill over the course of the week, so please feel free to ask me questions if you see me there, at the exec debate at 6pm tomorrow or on social media.

Thanks, Kat x”

We believe that interviewing with The Glasgow Guardian is a key part of campus elections, that helps to spread the word to students and hold candidates to account. However, we also believe every student should prioritise their mental wellbeing at all times. We covered the QMU hustings last night, and encourage students to head to the QMU Exec Debate, at 6pm tonight in the QMU Bar, to ask Katerina any questions they may have about her suitability for the role.

You can read Katerina’s manifesto here.


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