Interview and manifest analysis: Patrick Aasen – SRC VP Education

Rosie Shackles
Deputy Culture Editor – Food and Drink

Patrick Aasen is running for Vice President for Education. This role will leave him in charge of the academic reps on council, and to deal with all things education and teaching at the university. He is currently the SRC Undergraduate Convenor for Social Sciences, a role which he believes makes him a strong candidate for this position. In his interview, he put emphasis on his management experience both before and during university. 

In his manifesto, Patrick aims to introduce and develop an assessment and feedback calendar app which he believes will ensure students have more access to feedback, and in the future, know exactly when feedback will be released. He is also positive about 24h library access implementing paperless hand-ins across the university and ensuring that more study spaces become available for all students. 

Patrick is passionate about the class rep scheme, and if successful, aims to ensure that both students and lecturers are aware of the role of the class rep in order to have a student body that is more engaged and able to give more feedback. Again, he would like to see the university use an app system to do


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