Interview and manifesto analysis: Mary Michael – SRC VP Student Support

Andrew Quinn
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Currently a postgraduate IT Cyber Security student, Mary Michael is one of four candidates running to be SRC Vice President for Student Support. She is not currently on the SRC board, but she is a class rep.

Her manifesto focuses on helping students integrate and she argues that the gym membership fee should be cut. It centres around the student experience, as she suggests providing students with help in finding accomodation and preparing themselves for the Glasgow weather, which can be difficult for some foreign students.

In the interview, she elaborated on some of her ideas. She proposed that the SRC creates a student housing database to make it easier for students to find accomodation before they arrive in Glasgow. Regarding safety on campus, which has been an extremely important issue this year, she said that there should be more lighting and more patrols in the area surrounding the University. She concludes by saying that she wants everyone to have a university experience as good as her’s.

Read Mary’s manifesto here.


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