UofG confirms filming of ‘The Amazing Race’ on campus

Credit: Randa Elzein

Natasha Joibi

Some students are speculating as to whether the main campus will appear next season.

Phil Keoghan, host of the television show The Amazing Race, was spotted with a camera crew at the University of Glasgow last week, raising questions as to whether the main campus will be featured on the show’s 33rd season.

While production of the long-running US show has reportedly been suspended temporarily due to coronavirus, UofG students who are also fans of the series were excited to witness the filming process.

Postgraduate student Randa Elzein said she saw the filming take place at approximately 3pm on the 25 February. She said a man in traditional Scottish attire was standing at the finish line with Keoghan.

According to Elzein, contestants attempted to lift an object resembling a boulder as they conversed with Keoghan and the man in the kilt.

Elzein, who has been a fan of The Amazing Race ever since she was a kid, said she was excited to see the production of her favourite show unfold right in front of her.

UofG confirmed that filming of the CBS show had indeed taken place on campus.

The University is a popular filming location and doubled as Harvard University in the third series of Outlander, featuring Scottish actor Sam Heughan. Netflix movie Outlaw King, starring US actor Chris Pine, was also shot at the University.

According to The Independent, Scotland and England were the only places visited by contestants of the latest season before production was suspended.


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