University cancels all physical exams due to coronavirus

coronavirus liveblog

Credit: The Glasgow Guardian

Tara Gandhi

The University has decided to cancel all physical examinations for the April/May exam diet. Schools and institutes will be in touch with students to make new arrangements for assessments. The University has advised students to keep a close eye on all communications from schools in the coming days as new methods of examination and teaching materials are sorted.

Scott Kirby, SRC President, stated; “We support the University’s decision to stop physical exams, and look into alternative methods of assessment as a result.

Student safety and ensuring students can achieve their degrees are the priorities right now and we will continue to work for you to ensure what we do as a University is in the best interests of students. We are in constant contact with the University, and will continue to maintain this as the situation regarding COVID-19 is reviewed.”

In a campus-wide email and a video shared on University social media, Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli told students; “The decisions that we have made have not been taken lightly. I know that there will be considerable disruption for some. However, they are designed to both reduce the risk of infection and to provide clarity on what this University will do, during a period of great uncertainty.

“The way in which our whole community has pulled together over the past few weeks has been remarkable. The coming period will be extremely challenging for all of us, but we will get through it by working together and supporting each other.”


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