Musicians of Glasgow Uni: Jackson from The Bleeders

Credit: Shelly Foreshaw

In this series, Music Editor Chloe Waterhouse profiles UofG’s finest upcoming acts.

Music Editor Chloe Waterhouse is back to highlight the rich musical talent gracing our lecture halls, featuring quick-fire profiles of up-and-coming UofG musicians. She will offer a fleeting insight into their music, interests and how they’re finding life as students at UofG. This month she reached out to charismatic frontman Jackson Harvey from “bad nirvana wannabes” The Bleeders. 

Hometown: Pollok. Me and Daniel (drums) both stay in Cardonald now though. 

Subjects studied at GU: English Literature (just dropped a joint honours w/ Classics because I’m fed up of looking at broken plates)

Describe your band: Bad Nirvana wannabes. Not good Queens of the Stone Age tribute act. 0/10 Pixies cover band. Led Zeppelin would fail to sue us for plagiarism as we can’t actually play any of their songs properly. 

Main influences: I just love anything with tight harmonies. Daniel is well into Dixie Chicks and I’ve been banging on Simon and Garfunkel recently. Bob Dylan is a biggie, also Anna Von Hausswolff and Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle.

Best show you have ever played: They’re all an actual joke. I get too drunk waiting to go on, forget how to play, and end up taking my clothes off. Daniel does magic tricks, and tells jokes, and my guitar ends up in tatters. AVOID.

The song you’re most proud of writing: This Song Contains Cookies to Personalise Ads and Content (or Ode to the Brexit Boys). The lyrics are pretty much just “eat **** and die ****” and it’s both our mums’ favourite song.

The concert that got you into music: Probably an acoustic Glen Hansard gig in the Dunlewey Centre in Donegal or Pixies at T in the Park. 

Favourite album:

Grace by Jeff Buckley 

Your idea of a night out in Glasgow: Bad karaoke somewhere. Broadcast for a White Russian and Alanis Morissette or Cosmopol if you want the thrill of getting stabbed to Mustang Sally.

Favourite place to study on campus: Fourth floor library for the relative warmth and close proximity to snacks and toilets because I want to pretend I’m on holiday when I’m having a coursework-related breakdown.

Your Halloween costume this year: Probably Pablo Escobar or some other predictable moustachioed character. 

Your celebrity alter ego: Miriam Margolyes

Best part about studying at GU: The Fraser Building pizza hahaha.

Favourite local band right now: Ghostbaby, Fiendz, Two Tone Television, The Stoned Immaculate, Nü Cros, and everybody else who are really nice and make lovely music.

Your next gig: It’s at St. Andrews, oops. 

Then I think supporting Glen Matlock in Paisley, and then Broadcast or Sleazy’s. I’m not sure which one, or what dates. I’m barely holding it together hahaha. 

Find them at:

Facebook: @thebleedersuk

Instagram: @thebleedersofficial

Twitter: @thebleedersuk

Spotify: The Bleeders


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