Review: The Orielles @ The Garage G2

Credit: @neelastica

Benjamin Coulson
Deputy Investigations Editor

At this sold-out gig, the Halifax-based trio boast their shimmery dream-pop to a delighted crowd, willing away the gloomy winter months and beckoning spring.

The sun came out briefly on Wednesday for the return of Halifax’s finest to Glasgow. The Orielles brought their beloved sound of cosmic dream-pop along with them to let us know that spring is not too far away; the dreary start to the year is almost over, and there is new music to prove it.  

The atmosphere of G2 is tepid as the Calder Valley group take to the stage and dive straight into Come Down on Jupiter, the lead single from their new album. The band are in high spirits as they get the chance to present new music to the Glasgow crowd; Esmé takes her position on bass and vocals, sister Sidonie behind her on drums and Henry dancing around the stage with his guitar.

It’s not long until the band takes the audience back to their 2017 single Let Your Dogtooth Grow. This was the first tune that I heard from the band, and I have been aware of their music ever since. It is just as pleasant to hear the song again three years later. We hear how much the band has developed in this time as they launch into a new song Memoirs of Miso – this track displays some real jazz influences, and weaves through genres with ease whilst keeping the distinct sound of The Orielles. The band continues through their set, intertwining new songs with the old as the crowd starts to come alive. Distinctive organ-driven bop Bobbi’s Second World ensures that the crowd get dancing to the inner monologue of a cat. 

Debuting Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme) to Glasgow, the Yorkshire band explore the idea of human connectivity in an age of mental existentialism to the sounds of sleek, danceable and psychedelic melodies. As the set enters its second act, The Orielles display their flair through extended instrumentals that remind us why they have sold out the night. Before bringing the set to a close, the band ensure their 2018 album Silver Dollar Moment is given a sufficient outing in Scotland. Finishing with their hit Blue Suitcase, The Orielles return to stage for an encore to play Sunflower Seeds and their dazzling finale of Sugar Tastes like Salt. At G2, The Orielles assured Glasgow that the sun will come back out, and the gloom will not last forever. 

The band’s new album Disco Volador is not one to be missed, judging from tonight’s outing. The new tracks show potential for The Orielles to build on the momentum that began with Silver Dollar Moment as they continue to break down the barriers of their musical horizons. They go on tour in the USA next month so make sure you catch them when they’re back. For now, enjoy their new album, out now on Heavenly Records.


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