Where to travel after lockdown

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Max Kelly, Leda Basile, Victoria Chang, Rebecca Scott, Lucia Posteraro

Our contributors tell us where they are planning to travel once lockdown is over.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has had a seismic impact on the travel industry; the World Travel and Tourism Council, the trade group that represents most of the major travel companies, estimates a global loss of over $2 trillion USD in revenue for the industry, as well as the loss of 75 million jobs. Although much less serious than these ramifications of job loss and revenue, the outbreak has also scuppered travel plans of dream holidays and idyllic getaways. Lockdown has caused many of us to reminisce on previous holidays sitting on golden beaches or visiting iconic sights, as well as planning where to visit once we are free to travel again. Here are some of the destinations that  Glasgow Guardian writers are yearning to see after lockdown, and suggest that you consider them as a potential post-Corona destination.

Bordeaux: France’s Sleeping Beauty
Compared to the magnificence of Paris, this beautiful city’s simpler allure is often overlooked, but that is a grave mistake. Bordeaux’s educational appeal is on par with any other European city, offering fascinating museums like the Cité du Vin (Bordeaux’s wine museum), the Musee des Beaux-Arts, and the Musée d’Aquitaine. These are simply a handful of attractions that showcase the city’s historical and cultural depth. 

Bordeaux is also an architectural gem: the centre holds particularly remarkable works like the Place de la Bourse, the Miroir d’Eau and the Porte Cailhau, setting the city apart from other French destinations. The rues themselves are also a pleasure to stroll down, with bustling shops, beautiful buildings, and a general air of elegance. 

Yet it is at night when the city truly flourishes; when the sun sets, the attractions of the day are replaced by a colourful nightlife of music, food, and, of course, wine. The walk along the river – tranquil in the daytime – is overrun by dancers, musicians and light displays. The restaurants pour out onto the streets, tables precariously balanced on the cobblestones, and customers chatting over multitudes of different cuisines. Though this nightlife is hardly unique in France, Bordeaux’s charm and simple grace makes the city a wonder at any time, night or day. 

Return to the Riviera
I had the itinerary all set out: fly into Nice on Monday, take the train to Monaco on Wednesday, train ride to Cannes on Thursday evening, and fly out from Nice tanned and happy on Sunday. It was going to be a glamourous week in the splendour of the southern French coast. I longed to go to the famed French Riviera where starlets spent their holidays. Sure, it wouldn’t be as high-class, but the temptation of soaking in sun on a beach was too much to resist. We’d lose ourselves in the rich blue waters that elevated the lives of celebrities tired of their own splendid homes. You better bet next Easter break when the lockdown is over that I’ll be catching you later at the Cote d’Azur.

The breathtaking Jasper, Alberta
This alpine town is home to some of North America’s most picturesque views; situated in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Jasper is renowned for its ski slopes, turquoise lakes and untouched landscapes. It sits just a short bus ride away from the 6km long Athabasca Glacier, the most-visited glacier in North America. Jasper offers panoramic views of the northern lights in the winter months and some of Canada’s most scenic hikes during summer months, meaning there really is something for everyone no matter which time of year you visit. If you’re inclined to venture further afield once Covid-19 passes, Jasper is one of the most wonderfully versatile and naturally beautiful spots that our planet has to offer.

Beautiful Bergamo
Bergamo’s reaction to the coronavirus outbreak in Italy is a testament to its pride. The outstanding Città Alta, jealously guarded by a ring of hills and fortifications, is a UNESCO heritage site and national park which seduces artists and film directors. Remember that Call Me By Your Name scene in front of the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, lost in the sound of Psychedelic Furs? Like many Italians, I, too, took the privilege of those landscapes for granted and cannot wait to bask in their beauty once again when the dance starts again and life comes back to the streets of art and desire.


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