A group of striking lecturers and students stand under the main gate of Glasgow University, holding UCU placards and a banner saying "students support strikes".
Credit: Athina Bohner

Glasgow’s UCU branch passes motion allowing independent action

By Ashmita Shanthakumar

Motion 5 passed at the last branch meeting will allow Glasgow’s UCU branch to coordinate their own dates and times for industrial action.

At their last branch meeting UCU Glasgow passed motion 5 allowing industrial action to be taken outside of coordinated UCU strikes. 

According to UCU Glasgow, this was necessary because it considered that the UCU’s Higher Education Committee (HEC) had failed to coordinate meaningful dates for industrial action to be effective.

The motion makes five demands to the UCU. This includes an emergency meeting with national officers, the General Secretary and the HEC to discuss effective dates for future industrial action. It also asks for the motion to be extended to all branches and that in planning future coordinated strikes all local branches be contacted to discuss the best dates. 

UCU Glasgow notes in a statement on Twitter that “actions of local branches are central to a successful dispute”. The branch added: “we need to take locally timed and purposed action, NOW, with branches in the same position, to maximise our leverage”

UCU at Stirling University commented that it discussed motion five at an informal meeting and supported it. UCU Glasgow expressed hope that more branches would show support, stating: “the cumulative effect of branches hitting employers hard, where it hurts, will win this”. 


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