The ensemble cast all hold various coloured umbrellas, leaping in the air as rain falls down on them.

In Anticipation of… Singin’ in the Rain

By Zein Al-Maha Oweis

Zein Al-Maha Oweis gets us prepared for the latest incarnation of Gene Kelly’s spectacle.

As a theatre lover, I always get excited when I get the news that a favourite star, actor, dancer, or play is coming to a theatre near me. You can imagine how excited I was to hear that Singin’ in the Rain was coming to Glasgow’s King’s Theatre. I was even more over the moon when I heard that Strictly Come Dancing’s Kevin Clifton is set to star in the leading role. 

When it comes to musicals, it is always a top-notch performance when the lead is a triple threat – can act, sing and dance or a quadruple threat where the thespian can act, sing, dance and even play an instrument (or two). From watching Clifton on Strictly Come Dancing, we have seen that he can not only dance but can hold an audience and make them feel the essence of the dance. Hopefully, he can also do that while taking on one of the most iconic roles of all time. 

On top of this, being trained to be in the spotlight for a dance show makes Clifton a perfect fit for performing in Singin’ in the Rain. Having had experience being in front of a live audience, there is no room for stage fright as he steps into Gene Kelly’s illustrious dancing shoes. This means that we are expecting to see some fabulous dancing, some epic singing and some colourful and memorable scenes from the original film itself.  

I cannot wait to see the legendary scene where the title number is belted out and the show’s most memorable dance number comes to life. Even to this day, decades after the movie first aired in 1952, it is still recognised as being one of the most spectacular musicals to grace our screens. Why shouldn’t we expect the musical to be the same: filled with moments that make us grip the edges of our seats, singing along to the tunes, anticipating every leap and every skip to be of utter perfection. 

Singin’ in the Rain is touring at Glasgow King’s Theatre from Monday 8th August – Saturday 13th August 2022. Tickets can be found through ATG tickets here


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Lovely article , I hope to visit Glasgow and watch this amazing musical!


This is great. Now anticipating your next article!