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Scottish Elections 2021: Interview with Labour Candidate Pam Duncan Glancy

5th May 2021

As part of our elections coverage, Deputy News Editor Silas Pease sat down with Labour candidate Pam Duncan-Glancy to discuss her party’s positions on the big issues affecting students and the broader community of Glasgow. Excerpts from the other interviews can be found here: Video can be found at:

Vent to views

5th May 2021

Your questions answered by our Views Editors. I’m obsessed with sex. My worry is that I’m using sex/masturbation as a distraction from my life problems. I’ve never been diagnosed with depression but I certainly struggle to see the point of getting out of bed many days recently. Is it unhealthy to use sex as a ...

Breaking down the Sally Rooney frenzy

5th May 2021

Is her literary success reflective of a society-wide mental health crisis? Ahead of the release of her third novel Beautiful World, Where Are You this September, the buzz around Sally Rooney’s writing does not seem set to diminish any time soon. The success of the TV adaptation of Normal People has only widened her readership ...

Is activism burnout inescapable?

5th May 2021

Sophie Gorman explores what to do when the news and social media make activism feel all too much. “Doom scrolling” is a term that gained popularity during 2020, meaning consuming a large quantity of negative news online all at once. It’s hard to avoid this feeling of the world being a terrifyingly unjust place when ...

Why are we still debating pronoun checks?

5th May 2021

Fionuala McCarron discusses the importance of pronoun checks in the context of debating and beyond.  It has always struck me as odd that it is largely older and more Conservative people who refuse to use a person’s preferred gender pronoun if they don’t believe it matches a person’s gender identity. After all, it is this ...

GUU Debating held hustings for local MSP candidates

5th May 2021

Candidates discussed gender-based violence, more support for students and changes to the healthcare system post-Covid. GUU Debating hosted a hustings on Wednesday 28 April which saw local candidates for the upcoming Scottish parliamentary election questioned by students. Issues of gender-based violence, tenancy and Covid-19 recovery were raised, and the all-important question of Scotttish Independ...

The crypto-art craze

3rd May 2021

Unpacking the art world’s latest debate – who knew Nyan Cat was worth £430k? “But you know, if this becomes a bigger thing, I’m moving to the countryside to grow sunflowers,” my artist friend told me as we were discussing the recent $69m (£50m) Christie’s sale of a JPG file. “Holy fuck,” wrote Beeple (aka ...

Trainspotting: Scotland off the rails

1st May 2021

Almost 30 years after Trainspotting’s publication, Culture Editor Rosie Shackles examines why the cult classic is just as relevant today. Content warning: discussion of drug use and addiction “Choose sitting oan a couch watching mind-numbing and spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing junk food intae yir mooth” hit a little too close to home when reading cult ...

Thoughts on The Hill We Climb

1st May 2021

Gorman’s poem is an inspiring call to be the light the world needs. As the 2021 Presidential Inauguration was due to commence at the Capitol Building, the digital format could not subdue the palpability of a despairing hangover from an insurrection that had occurred just two weeks earlier. This inauguration was a crucial moment to ...

‘Rioters’ and ‘peaceful protesters’: a rose by any other name

1st May 2021

Joseph Evans explores how the dichotomy of ‘peaceful protesters’ versus ‘rioters’ is one of the many divide and rule tactics of the authorities. “It started as a peaceful protest.” “A few bad actors ruined the atmosphere.” “They hijacked the protest.” These are all words/phrases commonly found in news coverage and official statements about protests, normally ...