I’m the Film & TV Editor for the Glasgow Guardian.

What I cover

I write about film and culture as a whole, specifically international cinema and new releases.


From Edinburgh originally, I’m a first year Film & TV student with a real passion for all things cinema.

Last updated: 09/02/2024

Pastor Ed: A Northern Irish take on Father Ted

Sean McConville, a film student at the University, has written and directed a parody of Father Ted Directed by Glasgow film student Sean McConville, Pastor Ed is a modern, fresh parody of the Irish Channel 4 show Father Ted. However, with one major difference; while Father Ted revolved around the

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The devil’s in the details: a scathing review of The Killer

David Fincher’s latest endeavour—The Killer—is another drop in Fincher’s bucket of mediocrity. David Fincher’s newest film, The Killer, is an unfortunate departure from his usual standard of craft. What used to differentiate Fincher from his peers was his range and variety. His catalogue, up until recently, was stellar. No one

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A definite and somewhat exhausting Saw ranking

Hello… I would like to rank some films It’s autumn, turning winter, and my love and appreciation for horror awakens once more. It’s not my favourite genre but when it starts getting dark early and the leaves metamorphosise to a spectrum of oranges and red, I really can’t help but

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It’s alive! A Poor Things review

Lanthimos’ big screen adaptation of Alasdair Gray’s novel is a steampunk dreamlike odyssey of liberation. Having seen a few of his other films, I was unsure where I stood with Yorgos Lanthimos. While I enjoyed his previous work (especially Killing of a Sacred Deer), The Favourite didn’t particularly impress me

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Cinema as identity

Nationalism, patriotism and cultural identity all come together in film It’s quite possibly a contender for the understatement of the century to say that cinema is important to us. A revolutionary idea, I know, but it’s true. Films are important for our upbringing and our culture. A time-honoured tradition is

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I love going to the cinema alone

The pictures are just as good alone as with friends. Recently, I read an article in The Independent that, amongst other things, claimed that going to the cinema alone was not an act of self-care. I agree with this article- going to the cinema isn’t self-care. In fact, going to

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