I’m the science and tech editor for the Glasgow Guardian.

What I cover

My section covers science and tech that’s relevant to our lives as students, and breaks down phenomena we might see online, from “Girl Math” to the horrors of undergraduate labs. As someone who can waste hours scrolling on my phone, we look at how technology influences us too. Personally, I enjoy covering gender-based issues in science (I’m a woman in STEM, what can I say?) and Scotland-centric stories.


I study Chemistry, and watching far too much Gilmore Girls got me into student journalism (very original). My science-communication heroes are Jim Al-Khalili and Hannah Fry. I think my style is a bit more Erin Quinn, however. I can often be found writing for the Food & Drink section too! 

Last updated: 09/02/2024

Five days of Nigella

Eve tries 5 days of cooking Nigella’s Recipe of the Day At the start of the year, I had 30,000 emails in my inbox. Since then, I have created a filter that deletes every email with “unsubscribe” in it (even the seemingly endless LinkedIn job alerts have relented). Now, only

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Bloody hell: period products tested with blood

A recent study was the first to test period products using blood, concluding with interesting revelations for women’s health. Why wasn’t this done sooner? Jo’s monologue in Little Women, The Hot Priest saying “it’ll pass”, Tom Holland’s Lip Sync Battle performance: all credible answers to the tired question, “What’s the

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More than fine: Your guide to £6 (or under) wine

A ranking of the best wines you can get for £6. During the great expanse of the university summer, I found myself on a middle-class holiday to (where else but) the south of France. Between the arduous tasks of eating prawns (crevettes, actually) and reading one page of my book

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Scotland’s Giant Leap

Scotland will soon be home to five spaceports: here’s why it’s time for Scotland’s otherworldly ‘historic moment’. Picture a rocket launch. Most likely your mind takes you somewhere in North America, but it’s time to start thinking closer to home – how about Scotland? The UK’s spaceport programme has proposed

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