I’m the Lifestyle Editor of The Glasgow Guardian

What I cover

Within lifestyle we aim to bring light to everyday student issues and ways of living. This covers everything from cost of living to what’s good for plans on the weekend. The sections breadth gives a lot of room for people to find something they enjoy within it.


I’m a third year archaeology and English literature student and I’ve worked for the Glasgow Guardian since first year, in various capacities. Starting out as a writer, I then joined the culture team in my second year. Now I’m a lifestyle editor and still write for the paper as much as possible. Outside of the paper I’ve worked with other magazines such as Disobedient and love the creative side of journalism. My role allows me to see so many interesting perspectives and connect with the student body in a new way.

Last updated: 09/02/2024

‘I’m with the band!’- an exploration Of Groupiedom

What is a groupie and why does our society love them? The Glasgow Guardian looks into the history of the term and its importance.  I’m freshly seventeen, sitting in a recording studio too small for the number of people that have come along for the session. The drummer is adjusting

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