I am the Environment Editor at the Glasgow Guardian covering news, political, and opinion pieces on issues surrounding the environment at the University and beyond.

What I cover

I cover social justice issues relating to the environment, as well as reflective political pieces. I believe in sharing information about the environment and promoting positive changes that will help in the fight against global warming and climate change. Holding the University and other bodies to account for their environmental shortcomings is crucial.


I’m a second year History student from Inverness. This is my first year at the paper, and I’ve loved establishing the new Environment section. I have a pet hamster at university and a family dog at home. Other than student journalism, I enjoy wild swimming, Scottish pop-music, and nights out with my girlfriends.

Last updated: 09/02/2024

 My year as Environment Editor

A year’s research has taught me that we should all be environmentalists Last August, I had a regular level of concern for the environment. Headlines of global warming and rising sea levels worried me, and I knew climate change was a major problem, but I would never have considered myself

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Aberdeen Uni

Staff at University of Aberdeen to strike over cuts

A University and College Union ballot for staff at the University of Aberdeen has returned with a mandate for strike action over proposed cuts to language degrees. University of Aberdeen staff are expected to strike in response to plans from senior management to cut language degrees at the University. The

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World Changers: February 

From Extended Research technology, to advanced knowledge of traumatic head injuries, The Glasgow Guardian looks into the world changing research taking place on campus.  This month in University of Glasgow research sees groundbreaking research in educational technology, medicine, and social justice.  A UofG report has underlined the power of Extended

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We must decolonise the environment

Colonialism shifts the blame for global warming – the West must take responsibility for destroying the planet. The Global South is responsible for climate change. Or, at least, that is today’s environmental narrative. At a glance, this notion could be true. China is famously the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases

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World Changers: January

From generational wave detectors, to AI-enhanced X-rays, The Glasgow Guardian looks at the world changing research taking place on campus. Research at the University of Glasgow is again pushing the boundaries of innovation, fostering positive change globally. The new year has seen groundbreaking research in space science and medicine, hoping

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Image of a scientist pipetting a liquid into a vial

World Changers: November

From 6G to groundbreaking treatments for antibiotic resistance, The Glasgow Guardian looks at the world changing research taking place on campus. Research at the University of Glasgow continues to be at the forefront of innovation, creating positive change globally. Living up to their slogan ‘world changers welcome,’ October and the

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How do we fix the environment? In conversation with Patrick Harvie

Co-leader of the Scottish Green Party, Patrick Harvie speaks with The Glasgow Guardian on environmental policies, regrets in his career and the importance of young people in politics. When I asked Patrick Harvie whether he felt hopeful about the upcoming COP28 summit, starting this month, he said that “might be

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