I’m the culture editor for the Glasgow Guardian.

What I cover

I write about and edit anything culture-related for the newspaper, especially Glaswegian and student culture.


Hi, I’m Morgan. I’m Culture Editor! My cultural education primarily consists of System of a Down (listened to non-stop as a small child), the one time I saw all three Lord of the Rings films in the same day, and a passing fascination with Francis Bacon. Please do not send me any pitches for articles about AI. Please send me any other pitches!

Last updated: 09/02/2024

A curation of musical insanity

Our culture editor, Morgan, delves into the depths of music for a list of insane recommendations. Just look at that album cover. What are you expecting to hear when you press play? This is the last studio album by cult prog/punk heroes Cardiacs, who started in the 1970s and remained

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One door closes, a hundred more open: On the revival of Doctor Who

Russell T Davies’ new series of the iconic show stars Rwandan-Scottish star Ncuti Gatwa as the 15th incarnation of the Doctor. “Doctor Who is back!” read the press release from BBC Studios, after David Tennant’s 14th Doctor and Catherine Tate’s enduringly beloved Donna Noble exploded back onto television screens across

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A manifesto for deleting Spotify

This current era of streaming hegemony needs to stop , and it can, if you’re willing to make your life just a little bit more annoying. On 25 October, it was leaked that Spotify are planning to make further cuts to their already stingy payments to artists for streams on

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Trust me, I’m an expert

STEM disciplines demand the use of evidence to justify ideas, Political ideology follows a less defined path. What might a Government made up of scientists look like? There is a rather solid body of evidence that in British politics, those in charge of the country are very willing to ignore

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