Is the student experience accessible?

3rd April 2021

Our Views Editor Hailie is up to her usual tricks with another article about inaccessibility and university. I am just as grateful as the next person that student election season is over. I don’t want to see a personalised Facebook frame for at least another six months, and I’d rather eat my hand than beg ...

It only took a pandemic to feel like me

30th March 2021

This past year has allowed for much needed improvements in the realm of accessibility. Our columnist Haneul Lee reflects on the opportunities that the pandemic has created for her.  As a student who has had multiple permanent disabilities all my life, and one who is attending one of the oldest universities in Scotland, you can ...

Online learning: Accessibility out of convenience isn’t enough

11th September 2020

In response to the switch to online learning, Views Editor Hailie Pentleton discusses ableism at university. I have a joke about requiring access to lecture recordings, but you’ll probably think it’s unfair to other students.  We’re all doing our best to embrace the “new normal” social media forewarned of. This way of life includes all ...