By any means necessary

5th February 2021

 An examination of violent rebellions. In unthinkable pain, crying out that he couldn’t breathe, as his assaulter pressed a knee over his neck, making it even harder to even take a breath, to stay alive. For eight minutes George Floyd fought for his life and then died. Died, because an institution that exists across the ...

Why do musicians with political music avoid speaking out?

2nd November 2020

Joseph Evans explains why we should give musicians who stay fairly quiet on political issues, despite having a discography laced with political opinions, a pass. In one of the wilder happenings in an already tumultuous 2020, Jedward are now among the most beloved icons of activist Twitter.  From highlighting the inconsistencies of lockdown policies, to ...

Extinction Rebellion: class dismissed?

14th October 2020

This is the second installment of Kristy Leeds’ climate crisis series, where she seeks to challenge the norms and practices of climate emergency activism. This time, she examines the lack of consideration for the working-class in Extinction Rebellion’s activism.  Since the formation of the global environmental pressure group, Extinction Rebellion has been the public face ...