Menopausal merit: age still matters

12th December 2021

Monica Brotherton explores the recent increased content centering the middle aged woman, as well as the enduring societal forces that still hold back the aging woman’s advancement on screen. Despite long being discarded after they’ve reached the grand old age of 30, or God forbid they became mothers, some actresses (translation: White) are now enjoying ...

Does age difference count?

23rd November 2021

Ishani Mukherjee discusses why age isn’t the most important factor in a relationship. I remember people in my halls obsessing over the relationship that Emmanuel Macron shared with his partner, gasping at the 25-year age difference. I couldn’t help but wonder – does an age gap really matter in a relationship? As long as we ...

The Texas abortion ban: a modern age bounty-hunt

15th October 2021

The Texas abortion ban reveals how our society continuously takes away the rights of women, BIPOC and transgender people. As of 1 September 2021, Texas has enacted the Heartbeat Bill, a near-total ban that only allows abortions before a fetal heartbeat is detected, which usually happens at around six weeks, long before most people know ...