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‘10,000 gecs’ is an album of eccentricity, still with an addictive pop sound as the main focus

27th March 2023

100 gecs’ new album refuses to shy away from insanity through a sound of ska revival, nu-metal and pop. 10,000 gecs was never going to be good. But keep in mind that it wasn’t really supposed to be either; Laura Les and Dylan Brady are more like surrealist cultural critics with guitars. They’ve won if ...

Caroline Polachek longs for connection on ‘Desire, I Want To Turn Into You’

15th March 2023

Caroline Polachek’s long awaited sequel to 2019’s Pang is a tightly hewn, thematically rich pop showcase  Caroline Polachek crawls towards you through a backdrop of chaos amidst a slew of new pop releases. For one, it’s an album cover rooted in the panic and uncertainty of youth, but it’s heightened musically by Polachek’s siren calls ...