Alisha Vaswani

Women’s safety is on the line

28th February 2022

Women’s Safety Scotland’s new interactive safety map will only be truly useful if it is backed by action from the city. Women’s Safety Scotland have recently developed an interactive map to pinpoint locations in Glasgow that may be dangerous for women. The map relies on self-reports from women themselves regarding instances in which they felt ...

What went wrong at Astroworld?

7th December 2021

Views Columnist Alisha explores the chaos of concerts, and how this madness can be better contained. Concertgoers tragically succumbed to injuries sustained at the Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas, with 10 people dying in total. Recently, the BBC reported that a nine-year-old boy had passed away from injuries that resulted from the massive crowd ...

Listening to younger voices

2nd November 2021

As we move towards a society that pays deeper attention to younger voices, columnist Alisha questions: Is this a positive shift? In October, The Guardian reported that Lego will be attempting to remove harmful gender stereotypes from their toys, and instead focus on creating more gender-neutral products. This move was based on a survey of ...