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Super Bowl socialising

6th February 2021

The Super Bowl is fast approaching but many of the traditions surrounding the game will not be possible this year. This year is the 55th Super Bowl, and the two teams competing are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Super Bowl is the final National Football League (NFL) game of the ...

The US election for dummies

2nd November 2020

Glasgow Guardian’s resident American gives you an insight into why the US election is weird and what might happen by answering common questions. Why does America have the electoral college? This question has been posed many times and many of you are probably somewhat familiar with how it’s weird, arguably undemocratic, and unnecessarily complex. I ...

Singing in Scots: When did we get so American?

1st November 2020

From Lewis Capaldi to Annie Lennox, we examine the Scots-American transatlantic accent that’s taken over our radios and the Scots-singing rebellion challenging it. Growing up on too much television has left me main-charactering from a young age. Especially through puberty, I combined main-charactering with adopting the personality of my favourite character from the TV show ...