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Taylor Swift’s “fatphobia” controversy: the parasocial aspect of celebrity culture

6th December 2022

Ana weighs in on a controversial scene in Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero music video. Content Warning: Mention of eating disorders, body dysmorphia and grooming. Taylor Swift’s new music video for Anti-Hero has generated controversy, leading to the artist having to remove a scene in which she steps on a scale displaying the word “FAT”.  Anti-Hero allows ...

The cause of refugees should matter to us all

22nd November 2022

Writer Ana Negut speaks to Selina Hales, founder of Refuweegee, to get her perspective on why the cause of refugees should matter to us all, and how we can help. The cause of refugees is one of the most polarising political issues of the 21st century. Public narratives towards migrants and displaced persons are constantly ...