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Sexism, segregation, and sexuality: the problematic values embedded in the sports industry

22nd February 2023

The Glasgow Guardian unpacks the problematic values embedded in the sporting industry, which favours cishet masculinity. Strength is a word often associated with sports. A vital component, one may argue. This correlation has often resulted in sporting events becoming environments dominated by heterosexual masculinity. The aftermath of this is a depreciation of marginalised groups, who ...

Is Glasgow’s public transportation system actually serving its citizens?

22nd November 2022

Writer Andrew Taylor explores how Glasgow can improve its transportation system to better support the city’s students and the environment. Across the UK, ongoing strike action does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Organised by unions and workers, these strikes aim to secure better working conditions and a higher rate of pay in ...

In defence of cinema

20th November 2022

Andrew encourages readers not to give up on a fun night out in favour of overrated comfort.  Now that movies are cheap and easy to access – paying the same price for a month’s worth of online content as a single cinema ticket – why do we still bother going out? What experience can the ...