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What if I mess up my lines?

27th February 2023

Has the prevalence of cancel culture online led to more anxiety about saying the wrong thing in person? From Andrew Tate to Ariana Grande, Kanye to Kris, and Elon Musk to Ellen Degeneres, it seems no-one can escape the claws of cancel culture anymore. The existence and increase of this phenomenon has led to a ...

What is mindfulness?

27th April 2021

So often we’re encouraged to practice mindfulness, but what exactly is it, and how can it help us to alleviate anxiety?  “Mindfulness”, like self-care, has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent years. However, for many, it is not entirely clear what mindfulness is. Do we have to meditate for hours a day in order ...

High levels of anxiety and PTSD found among nurses and care staff dealing with Covid-19

21st October 2020

Glasgow’s Dr David MacTaggart estimates 43% of Northern Italy’s care staff have been left with moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety and PTSD working during the pandemic. A recent study has revealed high levels of anxiety and PTSD amongst nursing and care home staff resulting from dealing with Covid-19.  In the first detailed on the ...