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Sunak’s XL Bully Ban is hiding an XXL issue

11th October 2023

Rishi Sunak is trying desperately to cling to power as he resorts to distraction tactics over XL Bully dogs. “Danger to our communities, particularly to our children” said Rishi Sunak in a social media video that circulated recently, and surprisingly, just this once, he wasn’t talking about refugees arriving on small boats (though his language ...

Health and environment: the disputed ban of disposable vapes

21st March 2023

The Glasgow Guardian outlines a range of student opinions regarding the Scottish Government’s proposed ban on disposable vapes. Led by Green MSP Gillian Mackay, a ban on the use of disposable vapes is currently being discussed in the Scottish Parliament. A large consideration in this proposal is the use of lithium batteries and the threat ...

The Texas abortion ban: a modern age bounty-hunt

15th October 2021

The Texas abortion ban reveals how our society continuously takes away the rights of women, BIPOC and transgender people. As of 1 September 2021, Texas has enacted the Heartbeat Bill, a near-total ban that only allows abortions before a fetal heartbeat is detected, which usually happens at around six weeks, long before most people know ...