Tourists: ‘We’ve been together for a while now, and finally developed the sound we wanted’

18th November 2020

Fin Logie chats with frontman Jamie Giles of shoegaze meets post-punk group Tourists about their upcoming debut album Another Slate, music inspirations, planning gigs with a baby on the way and working with War on Drugs and DIIV producer Daniel Schlett. Torquay-based dream-pop outfit Tourists’ debut album Another State has been a long-time coming. They’ve ...

The Snuts: “We want the sector recognised for what it is – a hard working, talented sector of skilled individuals who can’t just put down tools and retrain.”

13th November 2020

The Glasgow Guardian catches up with Callum Wilson of The Snuts about the West Lothian band’s latest single Always, contributing to the renowned FIFA soundtrack with their track That’s All It Isand the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign. It seems The Snuts have been an upward trajectory since the four-piece began playing together in high school at the ...

The Magic Gang: “The record is basically navigating your twenties and what’s expected of you”

25th September 2020

Music Editor Jodie Leith chats with Paeris Giles of The Magic Gang about their new album Death of the Party, adulting, playing faster for Scottish crowds, Teenage Fanclub, and the fear of sounding like an episode of Skins when singing about parties. Until the release of Death of the Party, The Magic Gang were known ...