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My next job is beach (I just don’t know it yet)

11th September 2023

Building universities in seaside towns could help revive them. It’s the end of July, and I’m soaking up the fragments of sunshine interjecting a surprisingly chilly afternoon. Behind me is the mound of sand – laden with crumbs and footprints – and beneath me are the pebbles, granular and crunchy. Right front of me is ...

Under the Boardwalk: A look into the onscreen beach paradises that have darker undertows

17th November 2021

A lot of recent media has been set in tropical destinations, but with psychological and political commentary increasingly being injected into these escapist settings, Hollie Moir ponders if we can ever truly retreat… is paradise, indeed, lost? What we would give to escape to a remote island, spending our whole day in the sun and ...