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Books for beginners

17th November 2021

Zein Al-Maha Oweis gives three books to get beginners started on their reading journey. Reading has always been one of my favourite hobbies. I am forever known for having my nose stuck in a book. While reading is second nature to me, some may find it difficult to find an author or book to get ...

A Beginner’s Guide to Poetry

7th April 2021

If you think it sounds phallic, it probably is. Poetry 101 or, lol, Poetry.  Or raise your hands up in the air for poetry. Or a wee character, lost at sea, drowning in poetry. The latter is what I felt like when I turned up for my first undergrad lecture and realised it was on ...

Much ado about nothing?

24th November 2020

Don’t know your Hamlet from your Horatio? Ruth Johns-Bishop lists her top tips to enjoy Shakespeare as a complete beginner. For many of us, Shakespeare conjures up dull memories of school literature lessons. Spending hours a week wading through an old copy of Macbeth or writing an essay on Act I, Scene II of Romeo ...